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Former students….

…of Rice Continuing Education class/the basics and/or draft stage and Writers’ League of Texas Summer Retreat: Just a reminder that I’m available to talk. The notebook has my contact information. and you can contact me through this site.

I’m available for consultation about your writing at the rate of $75 per hour, with the first hour free to any former student.


Begin Morning Pages from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way or Dorthea Brande’s
Becoming A Writer.

Read my blog about other ways to journal.

Do an Artist’s Date every week, again, from Julia Cameron.

The important thing is some kind of movement around creativity.



Writers’ Groups

I am available for consultation and have kept old student lists, so can help you form one. I have definite opinions about what works and doesn’t. See Anne Lamont’s chapter on Writers Groups in Bird by Bird. For a novel, it’s pointless to endlessly critique the draft. Also beware critique for critique’s sake. On big creative projects, encouragement is most needed. Beware those who hog the time and/or are too negative.

You have the right to choose whom you want to be in a writers’ group with. You have the right to help form the purpose. The purpose of the group is important to know.


Spectrum Center in Houston has a Writing Center that several former students have liked. Writespace in Houston is a dynamic writing class and support space. The Writers’ League out of Austin offers classes in Austin, and its Summer Writing Retreat is a deal and a wonderful pick-me-up and get me started again.

Poets & Writers’ Magazine is always listing markets for all kinds of writing.