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Would your Reading Group like to talk to Karleen?

Karleen would be glad to answer questions by email or schedule a Zoom or other platform conference when you’re discussing one of her books.

This is your opportunity to ask the author any question you want. Which characters in the novel are real? Which are fictional? How long did it take to research the novel? What is it like to be an author? How do you become one?



  • Send an email to Karleen to request a chat, and let her know which book you would like to discuss.

  • Chats are scheduled between 9am and 9pm Central Standard time. (All time requests must be converted to Central time.)

  • Please provide a choice of dates and times. The more dates you can provide, the easier it will be to schedule a chat. The time you request should be 30 minutes to an hour after your group begins meeting so your group has some time to settle in and begin the discussion before chatting with Karleen.

  • Chats are not limited to the US. As long as it can be scheduled within the hours listed above, Karleen is happy to chat with readers in other countries as well.

Once you've made your request, Karleen will be back in touch with you, usually within a few days. Then, through subsequent email conversations, a date and time will be determined.